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Alps Nordic inverter

ALPS models are equipped with large surface heat exchanger, that allows producing high heating capacity even at low ambient outdoor temperatures. This quality allows to use the unit for heating large areas. The defrost logic of the unit takes into account special Scandinavian conditions and it has built in special NORDIC winter kit. Reliability and effectiveness of Midea units is way for successful heating.

Product overview:
Main Features:
  • Designed for heating large areas

  • Super DC Inverter technology
  • Besides the compressor, both of the indoor and outdoor fan motors are brushless DC inverter type. Owing to the function of DC inverter motors, full DC heatpumps gain higher efficiency and make quieter operation which helps to save more energy and enhance comfort to consumers.

  • DC Inverter 180° Sine Wave technology
  • Energy saving operation is realized by latest sinewave 180 technology implemented by Midea R&D department. Compared to 120°Square Wave DC Inverter driving technology, the new 180° Sine Wave DC inverter driving technology has considerable advantages:
    1. Appliable much wider range of frequency and voltage
    2. More efficient and energy saving
    3. Smooth running, low noise and vibration
    4. More reliable in operation

  • Twin-rotary compressor
  • The compressor is the third extra thermodynamic element that Midea has continuously improved, finally arriving at a solution called DC Twin Rotary Compressor. It is a double Cam rotary compressor which has several features which increases its performance and reliability. The opposed double blade design yields mechanical stability and less vibration that could cause stress on other components. In fact being able to reduce the rpm without causing instability enables improved temperature control when less capacity is required. An added benefit offered by the DC Twin rotary compressors, and with refrigerant R410a, is that it is more efficient than scroll compressors.

  • High COP & Powerful Heating
  • Stable and energy efficient heating performance is guaranteed even at -25C outdoor temperature.

  • Superplasma Air Purifier
  • The PLASMA zone is a high voltage electrostatic generation field. With the larger size, Super PLASMA Air Purier makes more air circulation and increases the quality of air purication.

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • The R410A eco-friendly refrigerant gas saves money and environment. It has a zero Ozone Depleting Potential and operates more efficiently, offering a 35% greater heat transfer rate.

  • Low noise Airflow System
  • Without decreasing the airflow volume and capacity output, large diameter cross flow fan can bring down the indoor unit noise level by lowering the fan speed.

Product all Features:

Stable and energy efficient heating performance is guaranteed even at -25C outdoor temperature.

The materials used in the heat pump are designed to withstand the harsh Nordic climate.

Optimized defrosting logic, improved condensate evacuation, software controlled drain pan heater provide stable and reliable heating output in any weather conditions.

Special coating of outdoor unit heat exchanger guarantees efficient heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time while standard coils progressively lose efficiency due to surface corrosion. This type of heat exchanges is perfect for areas suffering from high levels of pollution or near the ocean or salt spray.

+8C heating function also known as a holiday function is widely used in summer cottages where keeping normal indoor temperature is not reasonable. Holiday function provides continuous low-temperature heating to protect your home and furniture from frost damage, during the period when rooms are not being occupied.

GSM control option provides convinient control of Your heat pump through any GSM phone. No additional software is required.

Intelligent standby technology enables Midea products automatically enter energy-saving mode when standby, cut energy consumption from normal 4-5W to 1W which counts 80% of saving. NB! When outdoor temperature drops below +5C, additional power consumption of bottom tray heater must be taken into account.

With this technology, a temperature sensor is built in the remote controll. If you keep remote controller close to You, the unit will automatically adjust performance to supply comfortable temperature just like the air conditioner is following you.

Based on different installation height of indoor unit, the temperature deviation of the sensor sensed against the actual floor temperature always is different. Changing the jumping wires combination on the indoor PCB is possible to compensate the deviation. This could be achieved by installer in the installation field.

When you start the unit next time, the angle of horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time.

Anions, always be found in forest or beside waterfall, can stimulate the blood circulation system in people’s body,improve lung function and effectively prevent respiratory passage illnesses (such as asthma and pneumonia).

Formaldehyde filter filters out formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as harmful gases and odors. It brings you healthy air always.

When this function is activated, firstly the indoor unit operates as cooling mode with low fan speed, during this period the condensed water will take some dust on evaporator fins away. After that the unit turns to heating operation with low fan speed, which drys the inside of indoor unit. Finally it turns to fan-only mode and blows away the wet air. The whole process cleans the internal side of indoor unit and prevents the breeding of bacteria.

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