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Panorama Plaza Riga

Apartment, office and shopping center in Riga, Latvia. VRF V4+ heating & cooling[...]

Midea HQ building

Completed in 2010. Total floor area 370 000m2. Equpment: VRF, water-chillers. Total[...]

Ramada Hotel Foshan

Water-cooled chiller, VRF. Total space 50 000m2, cooling capacity 1.9MW

Estonian Embassy in Moscow

Midea VRF V4+ air conditioning system Cooling capacity 147kW + various indoor units

West Tallinn Central Hospital

Midea VRF V4+ air conditioning system. 2 x 45kW, R410A.

Pärnu Hotel

Midea VRF V4+. Cooling capacity 224kW (56kW VRF + 48 x 3.5 MSA heatpumps)